What Really Determines So-Called Best Movies


What Really Determines So-Called Best MoviesWhen trying to develop a list of what many people will consider to be the best movies, it is difficult to make a definitive list. For instance, some people may prefer action movies over traumas, whereas others prefer hormone over documentaries. There have to be different lists for different people. Another way of determining what a movie is in regard to popularity has to do with how it does of the box office. Some movies that were considered to be front-runners often bomb at the box office, whereas others steal the show, moving up to the top. Movies where there is a large movie budget are also thought to be the ones that will captivate audiences, using special effects and will have more time to actually edit and make the movie perfect. However, movies that have spent in excess of $200 million have actually made far less, showing that there is no guarantee that money for a movie budget automatically equates to success. So how can you really determine what are called the best movies? Here is a simple guideline for ranking them, regardless of who you are.

Three Criteria For Great Movies

The first criteria that we have for listing a movie is great or phenomenal is that it has a substantial amount of social media buzz. Prior to the advent of the Internet, this information would have only been available through news agencies, newspapers, magazines and of course what your friends and family were say. Today, it’s very easy to tell if a movie is excellent, or a complete flop, based upon what the majority of people are saying on social media. If people are talking about it, and doing so in a positive way, this is definitely a sign that the movie is a success. The second criteria for a great movie is one that actually does well at the box office, regardless of the budget that it had to spend. Some movies do have large budgets, and A-list actors, that succeed all the time, but there are others that abysmally failed. By looking at how much a movie is able to pull in, this is an indicator of whether or not it has been successful, and more times than not, it is catering to a particular audience. An example of this would be the success of the movie Titanic which appealed to a completely different audience than those that enjoy the action-packed Transformer movies, yet both did well at the theater. The final criteria for evaluating the success of the movie is its longevity, long after it has left the box office. There are some movies which are called cult classics, ones that you will even want to show your kids because they are that memorable. Some of these may not have been at the top of the list when they were released in the box office, but over time they have become part of the list of movies that people will recommend. It is based upon these three criteria that movies of all different genres can be regarded as either not so great, or some of the best movies ever.

Enjoying The Best Movies Today


Enjoying The Best Movies TodayThere is nothing quite like seeing one of the best movies to come out for a particular year. It goes without saying that the movie industry is constantly growing and more and more movies are trying to top the box office records in sales. However, how can you be sure that you are seeing the best whenever you make your way to the movies? Even if you are going to be watching a movie at home, it is crucial that you look for the top movie choices to ensure that you have the best experience.

When looking for information on the greatest movies that have been released, you will see that the internet can be a very valuable resource. Not only are there a lot of movie review websites that you can consult, but you will often see that a variety of entertainment websites, news sources and blogs will be filled with all kinds of information on the movies that are currently in the theaters or recently released for watching at home.

Another great way to find out about the latest and greatest movies is to talk with some of your friends, family members or even your co-workers to see what they have enjoyed recently. The best movies are usually the kind that generate a lot of buzz, so learning what others are talking about will help you to pick out the right movie to enjoy every minute.

Whether you are going to be visiting your favorite theater in your local area or you are settling in for a good flick at home, you will be happy that you took your time to investigate all of your options. When you are able to pick out the best movies to come out, you will see that the experience is like no other.

Choosing The Best Movies For A Date


There is nothing like snuggling up to your honey and watching a great movie. This is one of the most common date night activities. With that said, some people find it difficult to decide which flick to watch. Here are some tips that will help you choose the best movies for your date.

Ignore War Films

Even if this is the type of movie you normally watch, it is not ideal for a date night. There is really no way to be romantic when you are looking at soldiers fighting and putting their lives in danger. Yes, this may be something the two of you have in common, but it will certainly kill any chances of your date taking a romantic turn.

Choosing The Best Movies For A DateNo Romantic Comedies

While there are some guys out there who don’t mind watching romantic comedies, there are others who will silently curse you the minute you select something like “When Harry Met Sally.” The best movies for a date do not consist of people smiling excessively while following a romantic formula that was created by someone who probably doesn’t go out much.

The Dramedy Solution

For best results, you should always lean toward comedy-drama films. These are guaranteed to please most people since they are a blend of two very popular genres. A great dramedy will please those who love to laugh as well as those who are turned on by intellectual conversation.

Nothing can ruin a great date as quickly as turning on a bad movie. While this may not seem like something that has to be well thought out, the opposite is true. Use all of the advice that you were given here the next time you have a date, and you will increase the chances of the two of your enjoying yourselves.