Christian T-shirts Are Magnifying The Name Above All Names

These Jesus Strong Christian T-shirts are a powerful reminder that Jesus is the source of all strength. “My soul is full of troubles,” David wrote, “I am counted with those who go down to the pit. I am like a man who has no strength, Adrift among the dead.” (Psa 88:3,5) David knew what it meant to suffer.

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King of King Christian T-Shirts

Job knew the depths of suffering as well. “And now my soul is poured out because of my plight;” he wrote,” the days of affliction take hold of me…and my gnawing pains take no rest.” (Job 30:16)

In the 1940’s, a young Corrie ten Boom found herself in the clutches of evil. The Nazis arrested her family for arranging the escape of nearly 800 Jewish people from Holland. She was transported to the hellish Ravensbruch concentration camp where she experienced affliction beyond human imagination. What a glorious truth captured by this Christian t-shirts saying, “Jesus Strong”. He truly is the source of all our strength.

Like King David and Job, Corrie was forever changed by her experiences. But, evil did not prevail. “There is no pit so deep that God’s love is not deeper still.” she wrote in her biographical account ‘The Hiding Place’. Time after time Corrie saw the Lord turn evil to good, (Gen 50:20) and she used every opportunity to show and share God’s goodness with others, even her captors. (Matt 5:16)

Corrie discovered, “You may never know that Jesus is all you need, until Jesus is all you have.” Like King David, Job, and Corrie ten Boom, we need to cling to Jesus, our rock, (Psa 61:2) our deliverer, (Psa18:2) our hiding place. (Psa 32:7) Get one of our My Lifeguard Walks on Water Christian t-shirts today and tell the world that Jesus is truly the answer.